Misurina Lake

14 November 2016

Lake Misurina is the largest natural lake of the Cadore and is 1754 m above sea level Misurina, fraction of Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno). The perimeter is 2.6 km and the depth is 5 meters.
The particular climatic characteristics of the area around the lake make the air particularly suitable for those who suffer from respiratory diseases. In fact, near the lake is the only center in Italy for the treatment of childhood asthma.
To the east of the lake are the ski lifts, and the chain of Cadini Misurina (Sesto Dolomites), crossed by the trail equipped Aldo Bonacossa. To the north of the lake, taking the road that leads to the Three Peaks, is the Lake Antorno. To the south lies the Group instead Sorapiss (Ampezzo Dolomites).
Near the lake there are a dozen hotels with a capacity of about 500 beds. In addition to hotels, the large building that is looking at the lake from north to south, is a nursing home.
Most winters the lake freezes completely thus becoming viable in all its extension. In winter polo matches are held riding on the ice surface
At the lake passes the high street no. 3, starting from Villabassa reach Longarone.


The lake and the Tre Cime di LavaredoVi are at least two different legends about the lake Misurina. The first, which is the most reliable, was made famous by a song by Claudio Baglioni, included in the album Saturday afternoon.
According to this version, Misurina was the only daughter of the elderly and imposing Sorapiss king, who ruled the lands between the Tofane Antelao, Marmarole and the Three Peaks. The child, both whimsical and mischievous as pretty, it was the only reason for living Sorapiss the king, who, widowed, attributed the impertinence of his daughter to the lack of the mother and therefore was always ready to excuse and justify it. At the age of seven or eight years, Misurina was aware of the existence of a fairy, who lived on Mount Cristallo, who possessed a magic mirror, which gave him the power to read the thoughts of anyone who is specchiasse. Misurina long begged his father to procure the magic mirror, who wanted at all costs, until Sorapiss gave up and went with her. The fairy resist for long, because he did not want to settle that little girl capricious but, faced with the tears of Sorapiss, ended up agreeing, with a condition, however, very hard, in the hope that the king and his daughter give up. The fairy had indeed a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers on Mount Cristallo, but too much sun will prematurely withered. So required, in exchange for the mirror, which Sorapiss agree to be transformed into a mountain, that would protect her with his shadow on the garden fairy. When Misurina, in seventh heaven, received the mirror Sorapiss and was informed of the covenant, was unimpressed, indeed: he showed himself excited that his father, to make her happy, became a mountain, on which she could run and play . At that very moment, while Misurina contemplated the mirror, Sorapiss began its transformation, swelling and changing color, her hair became trees, and its wrinkles crevasses. Misurina suddenly realized that you are high up on the mountain that had been his father and, turning his eyes down, he was seized with a dizzy and fell on deaf ears. Sorapiss, in his last moments of life, he had to watch helplessly as the tragic death of her child, so that his eyes still open so many tears welled up to form two streams, which gathered in the valley forming a huge lake, which took its name precisely Misurina. The mirror falls and shattered the rocks and its fragments were dragged downstream by rivers of tears Sorapiss, where still give multicolored reflections, like the thoughts of someone who contemplates the lake Misurina.
In the second version, Mesurina (so nicknamed until later) is a young girl, the daughter of wealthy merchants Venetians, in the mountains away from his father with a ruse in an attempt to prevent the fulfillment of a prophecy that he would see the girl donate all their belongings. Following the tragic events of love, which vaguely resemble those of Romeo and Juliet, the girl dies, recognized at the point of death by a lover when he was in bloom, and from which it was removed because of a hoax hatched by his father and with the help of a servant sent by him

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