The park of happiness

Amusement for all tastes and for all seasons. There’s everything to give enthusiasm to your little children: they can iceskate in winter, they can play on the playground in summer. On the sports fields they can give free play to their passions together with new friends.

The PARTY’s here

Happy to astonish

Ten thousand square meters of happiness. The Happy Park of Hotel Antelao Dolomiti Mountain Resort 4*Sin Borca di Cadore can surprise you at any moment.
In the summer it welcomes you with its playgrounds and so many games. In winter it awaits you for ice-skating.

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The best loved by families

Entertainment for all ages

Happy Park covers an area of ten thousand square meters. It has been devised to give exhaustive answer to the exigencies of families with children; it’s much appreciated also by sports lovers thanks to its courts and grounds for playing tennis, football, volleyball and by those who like playing bowls and much more.

Everybody likes it because everybody has a good reason to spend some hours of total amusement at the happy Park of Hotel Antelao Dolomiti Mountain Resort 4*S in Borca di Cadore.

Mums and Dads like it because they know that on the plyground – also accessible to push-carts and baby-carriages – their children have great fun, with games on the sand, too. .

Young boys like it because it’s not so usual to have a lawn football ground. Sport fans love it because there is Mount Antelao tennis and football courts, Mount Pelmo lawn bowling, Le Rocchette synthetic and lit up tennis courts where you can hire equipment and have tennis teachers. And then there are ping pong tables and organization of excursions.

The tan lovers like it because in the refreshment area there’s a separated solarium terrace provided with sun beds. Children and adults love it because in winter there is a beautiful Ice rink and also because unforgettable shows are held there.

Gourmets love it because near the playground there’s the Snack and Icecream Bar: the ideal place to regain energy after so much entertainment physical activity! And besides there’s the Grill Terrace: in the summer you can have lunch every day, while after booking and always on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you can have dinner, too.

At the Happy Park in Borca di Cadore you can hire any sport equipment: The structure is provided with changing rooms and showers: There’s also a car park. Come on, come and enjoy yourself to crunch something or to practise sports: we are waiting for you.


  • Ice-skating rink (in winter)
  • Skates-hire
  • Playground
  • “Le Rocchette” tennis court
  • Tennis rackets-hire with balls
  • “Monte Antelao” football ground
  • “Monte Pelmo” bowling lawn
  • Tennis lessons
  • Shows amphitheatre
  • Excursions with bikes
  • Solarium with sun-beds
  • Changing rooms and showers
  • Snack bar with icecream and “grappa”
  • Summer dehors
  • Grilled meat, polenta and mushrooms
  • Outside table tennis
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Children, special guests

Happy to see them…happy!

At Hotel Antelao Dolomiti Mountain Resort 4*S in Borca di Cadore your children are really special guests; we do anything to make them happy and meet parents’ exigencies. Not only through assured entertainment at the Happy Park, but also through different services, equipment and useful devices not to turn your holiday into a nightmare.

In all bars and restaurants of the Resort there are baby’s chairs; bedrooms can be provided with edges for beds and cradles (against payment). In the hotel hall there are push-carts and in the summer you can rely on mini bikes and baby’s chairs for city bikes. In winter you can bring your little children to Dolomiti Living Room provided with games.

No matter how it turns out, every day is right to go to the Happy Park. In winter it’s open from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
You can rely on the playground and the Ice-skating rink. Entrance is free, you only pay the hire of skates (avaiable from size 24 on). By the way, there’s also the nursery if you need to change napkins to your babies.

In the summer entertainment lasts longer at the Happy Park:we open at 9.00 and close at 10.00 p.m.. Your children can play tennis, have a good time at the playground or at the large sand-box with buckets and spades. They can play bowls, table tennis. They can have fun with tennis rackets (from three years old on) and sponge balls. When required we can also organize a party at the Party area. In the summer, too, the nursery is at your disposal to change napkins to your babies.

In winter amusement starts at 9.00 and goes on until 8.00 p.m.. The playground is in the snow and moreover there’s the Ice rink. The guests of the Resort have free entrance to the Ice rink, they only pay for hiring skates.

And for eating? If your small children have special requests, don’t worry: both at lunch and at dinner our chefs are there to satisfy any request from your children. By the way: we have thought of you, too. If you need you can have baby-sitting service against payment.

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