Rifugio Monte Agudo

27 March 2023

Difficulty: Easy
Maximum altitude: 1573 m.
City: Auronzo di Cadore
Province: BL

From Auronzo di Cadore – Villagrande: 872 m. – Signpost 271, or 5 – 271. From the church of San Rocco, go down the road through the Ansiei Creek Bridge Malon, immediately beyond which they begin the trail paths 271 and 5 which, rising to the first N of the French front, and the second followed it, meet at the Tabià de Fedo (1226 m). Then follow the path signposted 271 and, through Malon Alto (1447 m), we arrive at the shelter.
From Auronzo di Cadore – Val Da Rin: trail 299 to 271. At about 2 km from the start, leaving the road to Val Da Rin to pass the stream Pré Ciaurìn. Continue a good path (marked 299) and going up to the woods to reach, at the Tabià Malon Basso (1351 m.), The path signposted route 271 above, for which we arrive at the shelter.

From Villagrande: 2 hours From Val Da Rin: 1.45 hours.
It rises on the summit of Mount omonimo.Proprietà city. It is accessed through the chair lift from Taiarezze. Great views of the Dolomites in Val d’Ansiei. Open in both summer and winter.

The descriptions and journey times are approximate only for the purpose of giving a prior indication, the Hotel is not liable for any change routes, closing roads or trails. Before leaving inquire in Tourist information offices or at the local alpine guides. We recommend using clothing and footwear from mountain

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