Church Santi Simone e Taddeo

14 November 2016

Patronal Festival October 28: St. Simon. Apostle Simon, called “Zealot” or “Canaanites”, you know from the Scriptures only the name. Some sources say that he was the successor of James the Less as bishop of Jerusalem, which together with Taddeo covered the provinces of the Persian empire, who died crucified in old age under Trajan in 107. Jude (not Iscariot) was the brother of James the Less and therefore a relative of Jesus’ the author of the letter, which calls for preserving the true faith against intruders false teachers, “clouds without water, carried away by the wind , autumn trees without fruit, whose sentence has already been written for a long time. “It ‘invoked in desperate cases.
Canonical by T. De Luca, 2
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Parish Church: Church Street.
Documented from 1331, rebuilt in 1738-1742, consecrated July 24, 1745, the work of architect
Domenico Schiavi Tolmezzo. The organ of G. Callido (1791).
Other churches to visit:
? S. Rocco, Cancia, founded in 1626;
? S. Lorenzo, Villanova

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