Val d’Oten, Praciadelan hike, hut of the Alpine hut, waterfall Pile, shelter Galassi

14 November 2016

An easy hike , fairly long and good difference even if you reach the refuge Galassi Antelao.
It allows us to learn a valley that reaches far Marmarole between the chain and the mammoth massive Antelao .
It is a very picturesque valley , grandiose in size , surrounded by towering rock formations, we reserve many surprises hidden among its meanders, such as the cascade of Pile.
Remarkable also other aspects of nature , from Praciadelan where you arrive by car, the entire journey takes place between mugheti imposing , impressive are then placconate the smooth rock of the northern foothills of the colossal Antelao .
Very well known and frequented by Praciadelan the hike to the refuge Chiggiato .

Our range is divided into three parts.

First, a simple and quiet walk along the dirt road ( with the disorder of some off-road) that Praciadelan ( m.1050 ) allows us to reach the charming retreat of the Alpine Hut ( m.1395 ) at Pian della Gravina , where it is an inevitable good gastronomic experience .

From the Alpine Hut in a few minutes we ran horrid , narrow gorge on the bottom of the foaming waterfall roars of Pile.
After the steep ramps, facilitated by artificial steps and bridges, nell’anfratto just a few meters wide that can not see the sky above , we find ourselves in the presence of the powerful waterfall and the air becomes completely saturated with moisture .
The air is cold , dim light , breathing hard , moisture bathes us most of the rain, a sound from deep musicality and infinite accompanies us, and it’s always a thrill to contemplate amazed this beautiful spectacle of nature.

Returning to the main path we approach the 600 meters in altitude, partially wooded , and with a long series of switchbacks to the shelter giugiamo Peter Galassi ( m.2018 ) .

The refuge was obtained by recycling in 1930 by individuals and later by Cai Mestre , a barracks of the Great War in a beautiful position on the western slopes of Antelao , which slope down from the top like a giant incline.
And ‘ the basis for the challenging climb to the second peak of the Dolomites , Antelao ( m.3263 ) . Hike only for very experienced hikers ( Cai = EEA) with some delicate step climbing , placconate smooth , rough and exposed , and parts of the glacier. Towards the top of the bivouac Cosi.

Near the shelter fork of Little Antelao connects Calalzo and the Centro Cadore with Ampezzo . From the saddle , in fact, is easily accessible ( Sentierone of great scree ) the refuge St. Mark’s , and you can get off at San Vito di Cadore.

The descriptions and journey times are approximate only for the purpose of giving a prior indication, the Hotel is not liable for any change routes, closing roads or trails. Before leaving inquire in Tourist information offices or at the local alpine guides. We recommend using clothing and footwear from mountain