Sentiero Flaibani della forcella Val d’Arcia e giro attorno al monte Pelmo

14 November 2016

The imposing and solemn truncated pyramid of Mount Pelmo , coupled with the Pelmetto is an isolated block that rises above the gums of imposing scree with austere walls that reach up to a thousand meters in height.
And ‘ one of the few groups to circumvent the Dolomites , in favorable weather conditions , with a relatively easy hike , the gradient and not excessive in length , from the practical day- hikers and prepared to walk the Dolomites.

Around the Pelmo – Pelmetto is one of the unmissable and unforgettable excursions for hikers captivated by the Dolomites . The path Flaibani , which covers the annulus between the City of Rijeka shelter and refuge Venice , passing through the fork Val d’ Arcia , is one of the traits of the Dolomites Alta Via 1 .

The loop hike can be made, either both clockwise and counterclockwise , and why not do it in both directions, view the wonder and beauty of these places.
Main excursion can be combined , and recommended two variants / digressions .
– The ascent of the rock dinosaur footprints , short and steep , but very interesting.
– The variant for the refuge of River City , which stretches for several kilometers the path and increases by about a hundred meters vertical drop, and reaches a fantastic panoramic view of the shelter , one of the most spectacular scenery and famous of the Dolomites. In this case, we should start from the car park at the beginning of the road to Malga Fiorentina and shelter the City of Rijeka , along the road of the Val Fiorentina to Selva di Cadore.
the turn clockwise
We start from step Staulanza ( m.1770 ) and go up quickly once the forest at the foot of the Pelmetto , aiming to the left the big scree north / west of the Pelmo. We omit the straight path that is lower , which leads more directly to the shelter City of Rijeka .
Once out of the woods a stretch of slightly downhill allows us to easily walk through the imposing scree with the problem that large landslide from a few decades looms threatening the street below Malga Fiorentina . We do not follow , at random , some trace of the path he wants to attack the gigantic scree , but we reach the fork (about half gravel ) where the direct path forked branches Forada the steep path of the Val d’ Arcia . Reports on the boulders .
We expect the difficult ascent that gives us the impression of being infinite and unattainable, but at the top there is a pulpit with lean grass surrounding the basin of the upper Val d’ Arcia . A minimum of breath and immediately resumed the climb gradually more difficult, where floundering between landslide boulders and gravels self-propelled, remaining always on the left at the base of the rocks of the Cime d’ Arcia , but not before he had met Flaibani path that goes directly from the Forada fork .

The grim fork Arcia ( m.2476 ) is reached and there affaciamo the colossal valley that plunges towards the Boite valley .
Already we are concerned about the descent , at first glance mangy and pretty impressive .
We go down , staying on the right, under the rocks of the Pelmo. The scree slope is steep but soft gravel and self-propelled with several zig- zag caliamo easily and very quickly a few centianio meters , where it differs from the rocks more articulated and where you need to pay attention and keep to the right , under the walls , in order to gain a kind of cengione with obvious traces of passage .
And ‘ the stretch a bit ‘ more challenging , there are a couple of metal ropes to facilitate the crossing, but in ideal conditions and no snow or ice proves easy and we can safely walk without problems. We pay attention and concentration , however , we observe that the whole stretch is battered by large stones fallen from high above the wall , considering that it is better to move quickly without delay.

We reach a fork where nice ending difficulties , although minimal, and from which we can admire the valley east and the scree leading down to the shelter Venice , which is barely visible in the distance.
The descent is easy , let’s just below the first rocks to attack the normal route of ascent to the Pelmo , and reach the refuge Venice ( m.1950 ) to Rutorto fields , where you have to stop refreshing .

We are only half way and now it is all around the south side of the Pelmo – Pelmetto .
From the hut we descend into the valley beneath the rocks of the Pelmo , under a high rocky cliff that sometimes turns into waterfall which outlet of the high rocky arch of the top Pelmo.
The ascent from the valley proves to be a bit ‘ difficult, between mugheti impressive reach the ridge just below a steep cliff overhanging strongly , said Dambra ( = base ) for the characteristic shape. The hard part of the tour is already behind us and we can enjoy the long path between mugheti slight ups and downs and some clearing, admiring the south side of our mountain and around the east side of the Civetta group .
Omitted several forks that took Zoldo , reached the fork in the path of ascent to the ‘ Footprints of dinosaurs ‘ , we can evaluate if the wind allows us to address a couple of hundred meters of steep climb . For anyone who has never been at the foot of that rock hard short is recommended and interesting place and very scenic.
Returning to the trail following traits often a little ‘ muddy , but the hike is a done deal and soon we reach the Staulanza .
the turn counterclockwise
The difficulties are basically the same, however, are distributed in a different way . We can then evaluate them on the basis of personal characteristics and needs .
The ring in this sense first addresses the long crossing , quiet and gentle ups and downs , along the south – Pelmo Pelmetto . Once in the valley , a short uphill a bit ‘ tiring allows us to reach the refuge of Venice.

Now we face the big scree east with a long climb moderate and constant that makes us earn the pulpit of the First Fork, from which we affaciamo the impressive and , at first sight, fearful valley of Arcia .
Following the stretch a bit ‘ difficult, essentially an articulated cengione almost flat .
Reached the bottom of the scree we expect the stretch really tiring. The climb is steep , but without any particular difficulty , shorter than the climb from Val d’ Arcia on the north- west.
The couple of hundred meters in altitude is really deadly and forces us to snort like a machine at full steam .
Devastating fatigue, unimaginable for those who have never faced this kind of steep scree slopes of the Dolomites , these ramps temper inossidabilmente our psychology .
Even from this side of the grim fork Arcia is reached and hardships of the climb finally over .

We need to pay attention to carefully follow the tracks down the center of the valley and immediately to the right ( Cime d’ Arcia ) , leaving inviting tracks that run beneath the rocks to the left ( Pelmo ) , but then aim at the Red Fork ( prestigious destination for ski- mountaineering ) or you lose down to the big scree and the landslide , with disproportionate difficulties and dangers for hikers .
At first the descent is steep and propelled into the soft gravel between boulders . Reached the high pulpit of the valley of Arcia continue the steep descent of the scree , easy and pleasant downhill until you reach the important path of the crossing Staulanza – Forada .
To the left , with some counter slope , climb back up Staulanza .

The descriptions and journey times are approximate only for the purpose of giving a prior indication, the Hotel is not liable for any change routes, closing roads or trails. Before leaving inquire in Tourist information offices or at the local alpine guides. We recommend using clothing and footwear from mountain

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