San Vito, Villanova Borca, Vodo di Cadore: Nordic walking path right Boite and return to the bike path

14 November 2016

A particularly beautiful walk along the escarpment of the right Boite from San Vito di Cadore in Vodo di Cadore.
The peaceful walk is just an excuse to enjoy calmly naturalistic very interesting , forests, clearings, creek, scenic views and amazing , the magic of the Dolomites.

Should start from San Vito di Cadore , mostly downhill (but with some steep counterslope ) down to paths and lanes along the Boite right and back to San Vito , from Vodo , walking along the bike path, equally generous with beautiful panoramic views.
There is the possibility of returning to San Vito also with the bus. You can further extend the reach Venas di Cadore hike along the ‘ road Regia ‘ .

Starting from the gardens of the Municipality of San Vito ( panels illustrating the paths) , it drops to the bottom of the river Boite go to the right of the river until you reach the large bridge SerDes . Here you can also come along a stretch of cycle path to Resinego , cross the road and go down to the bridge SerDes .

From the bridge , go along the road of SerDes , without reaching the village , to go down a street and through a large grassy clearing reaching the bridge over the Rio Ursuline .
It continues , asphalt and dirt , reaching the village of Villanova Borca ( church ) . Towards Borca up to the junction just before the bridge on the river Boite , where you turn right onto a paved road that ends in a beautiful grassy shelf (hotel , leisure facilities ) . Continue on Sentierone in the woods , beautiful , many ups and downs and Borca views towards the other side of the river , to get to the bridge Cancia , where the trail begins to retreat to Venice Pelmo.

It remains on the right side of the river along a narrow road that crosses the former Varettoni Mill ( now the farmhouse ), then still beautiful traits with ups and downs , forests , clearings and finally , shooting a paved road you go down more firmly to the bridge on the river Boite (a downstream of the dam ) to cross it and go up the short ramp leading to the square of Vodo di Cadore.

After a well-earned rest and a snack , you should go back to San Vito calmly along the bike path Calalzo – Cortina – Dobbiaco.

The descriptions and journey times are approximate only for the purpose of giving a prior indication, the Hotel is not liable for any change routes, closing roads or trails. Before leaving inquire in Tourist information offices or at the local alpine guides. We recommend using clothing and footwear from the mountain.

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