San Vito di Cadore loop trail for Nordic walking

14 November 2016

A nice path that allows us to know the Boite valley in the town of San Vito di Cadore.
For a long stretch , go along the bike path Calalzo – Cortina – Dobbiaco , which can be considered the backbone of this ring specially designed , and tabellato , Nordic walking .
It also allows you to connect with other tours ( royal road ) and the possibility of shortening the complete ring .
You can reach some of the most beautiful areas of San Vito Brosolas such as the forest , the fraction of Coast with the beautiful church , the bed of the Boite near San Floreano , Lake Mosigo .

Of course, every where the landscape is dominated by the three giants of the Dolomites : Monte Pelmo ( m.3168 ) with the subgroup of Rochete , Croda Marcora (or Marcoira or Marciora ) Sorapis , Antelao ( m.3264 ) the second highest peak of the Dolomites.

The starting point is next to the gardens of City Hall, where there are informative panels along the bike path , we walk the ring counter-clockwise (following the tabellazione ) , but nothing prevents the contrary.

We run along the bike path down the valley , past the old train station of the Dolomites ( now a small museum ) , shortly after the hotel Dolomites, a road intersection , then the intersection of the road to Resinego , where you turn left and climb , a little steep on asphalt, between the houses.
Reached the highest group of houses begins with a tree-lined dirt road sections (relatively) steep slope . More than that becomes a Sentierone a bit ‘ up and down towards the valley of the Ru Dry, crossing the ski slopes ( in the summer grass ) and stretches of forest impressive.
We get to the road that goes to the ref. Scoter (or Scotter ) near the characteristic ‘ Sun Bar ‘ , in the clearing (parking ) of the ski slope .
Just below the Sun Bar , to the right , a carareccia drops to the bottom of the depression of the Ru Dry, where we wade the stream ( difficult in the case of plenty of water ) . Beyond the ford , to the left, a short climb and the descent begins on Sentierone to reach the first houses of Costa, near a picturesque wooden bridge .

Costa fraction is very beautiful, in a magnificent panoramic position , characterized by a tiny church is very impressive.

Now down the road we go down to the bike path and continue in the direction of Cortina.
Through the underpass of the highway , still along the bike path until just before the Old Customs House.
Both da Costa from the underpass, there is the possibility of returning to San Vito shortening the path .

Let the bike path and face a steep descent path through the forest to get to the bottom of the Boite , where we find the wooden bridge Pian dela Pause , turn left and go down the road that runs next to the creek (right Boite ) up to the bridge where the Boite riattraversiamo , at a time of the plain of San Floreano (left Boite ) . Even this very charming place , cross country ski trails in winter.

We find the asphalt and we enter one of the first houses of San Vito and sports facilities where we reach the picturesque Lake Mosigo , little lake to rest and leisure .

Go around the pond we go back to the church of St. Vitus. Our walk has now come to an end.

The descriptions and journey times are approximate only for the purpose of giving a prior indication, the Hotel is not liable for any change routes, closing roads or trails. Before leaving inquire in Tourist information offices or at the local alpine guides. We recommend using clothing and footwear from the mountain.

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