Rifugio Chiaggiato

14 November 2016

At the junction station or at the junction Marmarole need to take to the center of Cortina. At the Piazza you point at the bottom left towards Val d’Oten / Praciadelan and continue for about 2 km until you arrive at the church of Our Lady of Caravaggio.
After the bridge there is a junction where you have to decide whether to go the CAI n. 261 or to the CAI n. 260.

At the bridge you have to take the right road to Val Vedessana and continue for about 3 km on paved road to the ample parking loc. The Stua. The trail is a comfortable silvopastoral road for the first 30 minutes to the barns Costapiana then continues for another 45 minutes up to La Serra (where there is a capital and a plaque commemorating the passing of Pope John Paul II). Then the path turns into a track that maintaining a regular slope and non-binding in approx another 45 minutes to the refuge Chiggiato.
In short, is the most convenient way to arrive in about two hours at the Lodge. The path unfolds mainly in forest ensuring even on the hottest days good shading. In the last half-hour climb still offers glimpses of the remarkable Marmarole central and mountain dell’Oltrepiave.

At the bridge you turn left and continue for about 3 km on paved road to the ample parking loc. Praciadelan (where there is the restaurant-pizzeria La Pineta – currently closed). Here you can decide whether to leave the car or continue for a mile up the creek Diassa on a dirt road and park before the passage of the river in a large parking lot.
The trail starts parallel to the stream Diassa on the reef protection and runs on a trail for about 60 minutes gain height quickly. Subsequently, and after a short flat sections around the ridge and moved into the woods restarting a rapid gain in altitude. In other about 45 minutes to get to the refuge Chiggiato.
In short it is a challenging course because of the rapidity with which climbs and in fact, despite the reduced mileage, however does take about two hours to climb. The first section is open and winds through pines and scree that on the hottest days are felt. Then turn in the forest and the danger largest after days of rain can be the roots and mud. The trail offers a great view over the Val d’Oten view sull’Antelao and its glacier, on Forcella Piccola and Marmarole West.
Along this path is the last and only source of drinking water retention Marmarole West at an altitude of 1750 m approx.

FROM THE PIAN BUOI – Lozzo di Cadore
From the center of Lozzo di Cadore you have to take the paved road in about 45 minutes door to Pian dei Buoi. Arrived at Pian dei Buoi you must go to the Refuge Baion and park nearby. Behind the hut the trail CAI. 262.

Behind the Refuge Baion part of this comfortable and scenic trail that winds first on pastures treated and later on the scree at the base of Marmarole. After ca 45 minutes, meets the first stretch of railway (a plaque of about 5 m in slope quite comfortable thanks to the supports and holds in quantity). After another 15 minutes you come to the second climbing more difficult and exposed on the edge of the Croda White. Basically it’s a ledge of about 30 m protected by a wire rope. In case of difficulty you can get around it down to about twenty yards before recovering. In another 20 minutes you reach the fork SACU and keeping to the left in another 15 minutes to reach the Refuge Chiggiato.
In short it is an easy path that does not have great slopes to be addressed in the two sections of the railway that with a little care can be tackled with confidence. The advantage of the path is, compared to minimum altitude addressed, the big show enjoyed overlooking the Marmarole and all the mountains of Cadore Center. In the last part you can enjoy the view of the Val d’Oten with Antelao and Marmarole West.

In the event that you will not feel the face of the steps of the versed CAI n. 262 it is possible to take the alternative path of the huts of Aieron. The start of the path is the same as the 262 behind the hut Baion. In about 15 minutes after the meadows and the entrance to the forest on the left at the sign “PLEASANT JOURNEY.” Follow the trail in the woods for about 40 minutes and reach the pastures of the dairy Aieron. You point the fountain, past the dairy and take the wide road that runs along the flat washboard. After about 30 minutes we arrive at the shelter Chiggiato overlapping for the last stretch of the path CAI. 261.

The descriptions and journey times are approximate only for the purpose of giving a prior indication, the Hotel is not liable for any change routes, closing roads or trails. Before leaving inquire in Tourist information offices or at the local alpine guides. We recommend using clothing and footwear from mountain

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