Rifugio Antelao Pieve di Cadore (BL) – Loc. Sella Pradonego

14 November 2016


From Pozzale, just above the village at the crossroads in Col you can choose:
On the left the road Tranego, old military road in dirt, easy to follow thanks to the gentle and constant slope, facing south can enjoy the wonderful view Centro Cadore, rises to a height of 1,900 (Top Tranego) to descend to a fork Antracisa altitude 1693 meters.
On the right the Sent. 250 said “the Ville”, sterrara road / asphalt to the former Ref Prapiccolo then the path ‘climb’ into the woods to Forc. Antracisa, you can enjoy the view of Calalzo, Rizzios and Marmarole.
Always Pozzale from Piazza Regina Margherita Sent the 253 said “the Grave” advantage for the first leg of the Former slopes then advancing into the woods, the three routes pozzalini is the most difficult but the fastest.

From the Nebbiù Sent. 254 part above the village at the ancient “Church of St. Bartholomew in the Old Cemetery” in the thirteenth century bell tower with frescoed halls along the Rio Marilongo bypassing the ‘Jump Mus’ Niagara Pisander, is by far the path more difficult!

From Valley above the town there is a road paved / unpaved until Ref Costa Piana (Q 1,570), from which part of the Sent. 251 to ‘Station’ intersection where you can go down Forc. Antracisa or go to the Church of San Dionisio (Q 1,946).
Above the villages of Borca, Vinigo and Venas runs in costs between the forest at an altitude of 1400 m the path 230 which is connected to Forc. Cadin with path. 235 which comes directly from Borca (path 232), passing through the former camp Ass (2132 m Q destroyed by a landslide), then forc. Piria you arrive at the Lodge.

Calalzo to go up the river as far as Molinà Praciadelan where the path 258 with which to climb up on the Plans Antelao (Q1.650 m) continuing the crosses sent. 250 coming from the refuge Galassi and forc. Piria you arrive at the Lodge.

From San Dionisio enjoys a spectacular 360 ° view across the Centro Cadore, the Boite valley and Comelico with their massive that dominate them. From the Col del Cros overlooking the hut and down to reach it constantly looks toward the Antelao (Q 3,264), being able to distinguish: Punta Menini, Top Fanton, the Tamburlon, the Crode de San Piero and Croda Mandrin.

The descriptions and journey times are approximate only for the purpose of giving a prior indication, the Hotel is not liable for any change routes, closing roads or trails. Before leaving inquire in Tourist information offices or at the local alpine guides. We recommend using clothing and footwear from mountain.

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