Refuge Ciareido

14 November 2016

Arriving at the refuge, place of refreshment and overnight you can go for tours on trails and paths beaten, immersed in the peace of nature.
With snowshoes or skis’ s climbing from Val Da Rin continuing on the road that goes towards forestry pastoral Pian dei Oxen, at some point you reach a crossroads, on our right we reach the lodge on the Valdazene and then Pian dei Buoi , go straight instead goes directly to ‘top floor. From Mount Agudo follow trail No. 271 to the “Pian dela Mandra” then for n ° 1262 to Pian dei Buoi, or from village of Lozzo along the county road.

Accessible from the ‘village of Lozzo with the road that will take you up to’ high level of Pian dei Buoi, then a short walk you will reach a height of 1969 where is the refuge

During the months of July and August car access at the following times:
from 9.00 to 13.00 only UP
from 14.00 to 17.00 only DESCENT
from 17.00 to 8.00 UP and DOWN


On foot or by mountain bike from Lozzo by the same route or follow the paths that circle.
Another route from the “Thick” resort located above the ‘village of Lozzo, following the road along the Rio Rin then walk along the path marked in green white n ° 63 to Pian dei Buoi or by Quoilo the path n ° 268 which starts just above the village, to reach the “Pian del Formai” and then go to the “casera Armente of” reaching floor oxen.
From Auronzo to the Val da Rin and follow the path 273 also high street No. 5, then for 272 or more from the same valley on the road that leads to forestry and pastoral Pian dei Buoi. From Mount Agudo with trail No. 271 to “floor dela flock” then follow the road signposted. 1262 which leads to “fork low” and then continue to gradually oxen.
From the resort Domegge Deppo on the road to the refuge Baion, from there the trail No. 272 ??will take you to the shelter Ciarèido, or by following the road that leads to floor oxen.

The descriptions and journey times are approximate only for the purpose of giving a prior indication, the Hotel is not liable for any change routes, closing roads or trails. Before leaving inquire in Tourist information offices or at the local alpine guides. We recommend using clothing and footwear from mountain

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