Lake Fédera

14 November 2016

Starting from Giau follow the path CAI 436 number, through which you can reach Forcella Giau. It is an amazing journey that winds along the pasture Mondeval place became famous for the discovery of an ancient Mesolithic burial. Incumbent on the left of the majestic Lastoni Formin. Gradually, the trail goes down, then up to a fork that Ambrizzola. From there you go again, until you reach the lake and refuge.
Walking time: 2 hours.

The shortest way

About halfway between Pocol and Giau you leave the car in the Ru Curto at an altitude of. 1708. From there, crossing a small bridge on the left and climb up through the woods along the path n. 437 and continue along the n. 434 which engages from the left.
Journey time: an hour and a quarter.

The most challenging

Along the way Cortina-Pocol leave the car a few hundred meters after the tunnel at the hairpin n. XX seek the path CAI. 445 that runs down the stairs and leads to a dam. Becoming road, the path runs along the Lake Ajal, changes in number 431 and back up again. After crossing forests of conifers and deciduous trees, stone pines sparse Finally, we reach the refuge.
Journey time: two hours and a half.

The longest

Above the village of Campo near the pond Pianozes, a road (CAI n. 432) that goes with a constant slope between beech and birch, pine, larch, spruce and stone pines. Crossed the clearing of Malga Federa you reach the refuge.
Journey time: three hours.

Other locations

At the shelter Croda da Lago also comes from three other areas. From San Vito di Cadore, going up to the right of the Pelmo, with a walk of 5.30 hours. And forest of Cadore, location Toffol, towards the slopes of Piz del Corvo to enter the Valley Mondeval. When you reach Malga Mondeval continue until fork Ambrizzola. You can reach Forcella Ambrizzola, then area of ??Croda da Lago, even starting from the refuge River, located in front of the north wall of the Pelmo.

With the mountain bike

For lovers of mountain biking highlight the beautiful route starting from Cortina reach Selva di Cadore, through the Croda da lake, Fork Ambrizzola and the Alpe di Mondeval.

The descriptions and journey times are approximate only for the purpose of giving a prior indication, the Hotel is not liable for any change routes, closing roads or trails. Before leaving inquire in Tourist information offices or at the local alpine guides. We recommend using clothing and footwear from mountain

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