Auronzo Lake

14 November 2016

The Auronzo Lake also known as Lake Santa Caterina is an artificial lake that is located near the town of Auronzo di Cadore in the Dolomites in the province of Belluno.

historical Background

In 1930 work began on the construction of the dam to block the river Ansiei create a reservoir about 2 km long, able to collect 55,000 cubic meters of water.
The dam itself is 55 meters high, 35 meters thick at the base and 5.5 at the top. The work ended in January 1932. Was given in concession to the “Company hydraulic forces of the High Cadore”, the SADE group Barnabo Marco and Valentino Vascellari, companies that were eventually nationalized by ENEL in 1962.
The name “Santa Cristina” comes from the fact that the dam ends where there is a small chapel of 1500, dedicated to the saint. On the lake you make the races nautical Grand Prize of Cadore, in addition to rowing championships

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