La oxandrolona es el esteroide anabólico más seguro

Oxandrolone (Anavar) is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid. It has high anabolic activity, which is equal to 400% of testosterone, and low androgenic activity, about 25%. It is considered the “safest” steroid, because in practice it shows a complete absence of side effects. It is especially popular in amateur bodybuilding, fitness-environment, and professional sports. If you want oxandrolona comprar España, you can do it at

History of Oxandrolone

The chemical formula of the drug was developed in the depths of the pharmaceutical company GD Searle & co in 1964. In the same year, oxandrolone entered the shelves of pharmacies in the United States under the trade name Anavar. The drug was a commercial success because it had many therapeutic qualities. At the same time, it was and is the safest.

The active ingredient of oxandrolone is a dihydrotestosterone derivative that has been structurally altered. It is DHT with an added oxygen atom replacing the carbon-2 in the A-ring.

This modification made it possible to obtain a steroid with outstanding anabolic properties (400% of testosterone) with a minimum of androgenic effects: the anabolic activity of oxandrolone is 3-4 times greater than that of testosterone, while the androgenic activity of the drug is only 25% of testosterone.

Oxandrolone effects (What gives a course of Oxandrolone)

In bodybuilding, oxandrolone is one of the most popular steroids used for “drying” – increasing the relief and rigidity of muscle, or “bridge” between courses. The main steroid used by women to improve athletic performance and gain quality muscle mass without the risk of side effects of masculinization and virilization.

Oxandrolone is a steroid that has a pronounced ability to reduce fat deposits, not only by accelerating metabolism, but also by increasing growth hormone production. The main effeti:

  • Increasing muscle hardness and muscle definition.
  • Fat burning.
  • Increased strength.
  • Increased levels of growth hormone.
  • Preservation of muscle mass on a low-calorie diet.

How to Take Oxandrolone

According to most reputable online resources, oxandrolone is more suitable for a solo course aimed at gaining muscle mass. A course of oxandrolone is recommended for athletes who already have a good muscle mass with a moderate amount of fat, and who want to make their body more sculpted and their muscles more defined and firm.

Oxandrolone Course

The duration of a course of oxandrolone “solo” is 6-8 weeks. It is best to take oxandrolone immediately after meals. For drying and enhancing relief you can use 40 mg., the drug divided into two doses, half of the dosage in the morning, the second half should be taken after 8 hours. It is not uncommon to include clenbuterol in a dosage of up to 120 mcg.

Where to buy the original oxandrolone?

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Although oxandrolone is the best anabolic steroid for gaining muscle mass, if your goal is to improve muscle quality, reduce subcutaneous fat, increase muscle definition, or increase athletic performance, then with the right approach, oxandrolone can be the perfect drug for these purposes.